Amazon Kindle Books Is Killing Paperbacks!

This might not shock you that 6 months after the news that Amazon Kindle Books are outselling those hardcover  books, it's also doing the same thing for those paperbacks!
This has been announced by Amazon which lead Wall Street to be not so happy with the press release. It is said that US customers has been outrageous in buying 115 Kindle Editions in Amazon for every one hundred paperbacks sold!
As you know, the Kindle e-book sales has a much better sale compare to hardcover sales! This could be a positive alarm for Amazon!
If you check on statistics, the Amazon kindle books (e-books) give a higher figure in terms of sales compared to paperback books that don't have Kindle editions.
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About 810,000 Kindle e-books are currently available on Amazon, the company said, versus 630,000 volumes last July.
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